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“The 9″

“The 9″

Yahoo! has recently launched a video program that can be seen from the comfort of your computer each and every day. This new program is simply called “The 9″ and it promises to show viewers the top nine most interesting and unusual videos, photos, Web sites and stories of each day.

The broadcast is shown like a news channel set and it even has its own host, Maria Sansone. She goes through each video one by one and then opens it up for viewers to vote for their favorite. “The 9’s” Web site has each video listed in order with their respective titles, so you can go there and watch the ones you want instead of going through them all. You can then scroll down and vote for the one you like the best. It also has a place where you can submit your favorite links, stories, etc. for what is called the “Pepsi 10th.” (“The 9″ is sponsored by Pepsi).

If you missed a day, you can visit the Web site and see the top nine videos for the whole week. You can then start all over next week with new videos everyday. It’s just a nice little service you may want to check out to add some fun and interesting moments to your day! “The 9″ can be found here [1]. Go on, check it out!

~ Erin