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The Advantages of Owning Your Own Mail Server

Nishat from Bangladesh asks:

I work in IT in a big company. My company wants to establish its own mail server. Can you please explain the advantage of a company having its own mail server?

The advantages of a business of any size having its own mail server by far outweigh any of the negative aspects. The following list of advantages should help you to see the major benefits a company receives by having a mail server of its own.


New Yser Screen [1]

Example of a New Email User Screen

A business is able to have complete control over its personal mail server. Usage polices can be set and enforced, incoming messages can be scanned, messages can be stored as they come in, and scanning for viruses and spam can be performed at any time.


Worrying about personal information or messages being read by someone outside the company isn’t necessary when a business controls its own mail server. The information is stored and protected by the owner of the mail server.

Users can be added immediately

It isn’t necessary to wait until someone else gets around to adding new users. Since the mail server is owned by the company wishing to add new users to the system, this alteration can be made right away. Name changes can be made and even aliases can be added to existing users without the wait. It’s also a simple task to create lists of specific users for sending mass emails out to an entire group with a single click.

Mailbox charges are avoided

The owner of the mail server doesn’t have to pay anyone else for mailbox usage. Even though the cost some ISPs charge is minimal, it’s an amount of money saved in the long run.

Assign special tasks to specific email addresses

For instance, certain email addresses can be set to trigger machines that will print a copy of the email or send a fax. Other assignments might include the archival of particular messages on a CD or the sending of specific documents to the sender of the original email message – also known as an Autoresponder.

Mail is faster

Not only is the mail delivered quickly throughout the company, but any mail coming in is received immediately. When a company doesn’t have its own mail server, internal and incoming messages all have to be routed to the distant server before they are delivered. Depending on how slow the server is to connect, the messages may not be received for quite some time. A business with its own mail server eliminates the lag time between sending and receiving messages.

This list of advantages shows how easily a business is able to keep communication flowing smoothly throughout the company by personally buying and maintaining its own server.

~Cory Buford