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The Animal Detector

The Animal Detector [1]

Welcome to The Animal Detector, a site where the author tries to capture video of the nocturnal animal activity in his neighborhood.

Navigation is setup blog style. So you just scroll down the page to see the previous entries. You’ll notice on the right side of the page, the headings: Our First Try and The Videorecording Version – beneath them you’ll find a description of the process of how the site came to be, and their methodology for recording.

You can even find a downloadable .PDF file that will show you how to set up your own, under the heading Make Your Own.

In order to watch the videos of their nightly animal encounters that their cam caught, just click on the video to start it playing. They’ve videotaped cats, possums, wasps, birds, a fox, squirrels, and more! They have video of over twelve different species who have visited their backyard.

While it doesn’t appear that they’re still updating the site with new nocturnal visitors, I found that I really enjoyed exploring the content that they have already posted.

Check it out today!

http://animaldetector.blogspot.com/ [1]