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The Art of Tea – Steep Time

The last tea timer site I shared didn’t work for all our viewers, so I went in search of a site that would have the information you’d need to properly brew a cup of tea that was very bookmarkable. This way it easily becomes a reference. 

I found this amazing chart from the Art of Tea and whole lot more too! First let’s talk about the chart, which is why I’ve brought you all here! It lists: tea type, water temperature, amount per 6-8 oz. serving, and steep time. You just look at the type of tea you have, and then look across the chart to find all the information you need. It might not be a built in timer, but it certainly has the information you need.

So that alone is a great reason to bookmark the site. You can reference the chart anytime you need to then. But, this site is filled with awesome tea information. On the left side of the chart is the Learning Column! I was happy to see that there is a whole section devoted to questions about the different types of tea, water quality, terms, tea ceremonies and more!

Just click the question you’d like to see the answer for (I chose what is pu-erh tea, because I’d never heard of it.) and you’ll get in-depth answers to the question. For example: I learned where pu-erh tea is from, how it is grown, how it is harvested, how it is prepared and served, and even how to drink it properly. 

This is an awesome tea resource, go check it out, and then bookmark it for future reference.

http://www.artoftea.com/learn_about_tea/steeptime.html [1]