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The Backpacking Chef

I have some friends who are really into backpacking. They asked me if I knew of any sites that had good recipes for foods that they could take with them while they were out adventuring. I didn’t, but I started looking online with my super-sleuthing-cool-site-finding skills and came across this site. It was so neat that I decided to share it with you because whether you backpack or not, there are lots of delicious recipes you might want to try.

As you’ve probably noticed, navigation is easy – just use the left side menu to navigate between categories. The list starts with the recipes, so you can dive right in if that’s what you are looking for. The categories are Breakfast Recipes, Supper Recipes, Dessert Recipes, Your Recipes, Menu Planning, Dehydrating Food, Bark Recipes, Packing & Storage, and Cooking.

I can still remember when my parents bought a food dehydrator and made apple and banana chips for us as kids. It was such an exciting process, and as kids we waited with great anticipation for our first taste of dehydrated fruit. Learning to dehydrate foods and getting recipes for meals that you can use while backpacking is something you’ll find here at this site. You’ll find all the information you need in the Dehydrating Food section of the site.

The recipe sections are self explanatory, but you might want to know what you’ll find under Your Recipes. I know I was curious. The Your Recipes section provides a form for you to submit your backpacking recipes to the site and see the recipes that other users have submitted.

The other nice thing about this site is that not only do you get cooking instructions, but you also get reviews of different products that you can use for the process of dehydrating, cooking, and eating your foods. This is great for anyone who is just getting started because you can learn everything you need to know before you waste a lot of time and effort doing it haphazardly.

I think I’m going to see if my parents still have their food dehydrator and make myself some of these breakfast recipes. It would make eating breakfast a lot easier if I had everything prepackaged for myself and ready to go.

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