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The Blank Page Blues

The Blank Page Blues

Have you ever created a table in MS Word, only to find that while it fits exactly on the page like you hoped, it also seems to be creating a blank page thereafter.

I know I hate that!

It’s aggravating to have that extra blank page print out. Plus, if you’re using a header or footer, it’s no longer blank, it’s just wasted space!

Or, instead, you have to take the time to tell Word exactly which pages to print, making sure you leave out the unwanted blank one.

Either way, it’s an undesirable situation and I’m positive that if you’ve experienced it, you’d like an actual solution to the problem instead of just a temporary fix.

Well, here’s a trick I’ve tried and found success with!

First, use the Show/Hide button on the Standard Toolbar (older versions of Word) or the Home tab on the ribbon (Word 2007). The button looks the same in all versions, it’s just found in different locations.

What you’ll see is all the document elements and the symbols for paragraphs, spaces, tabs, etc. Basically, all the things that are part of the document’s text, but aren’t usually visible.

Now, it’s time to look at that “blank page” again.

You may find many spaces, tabs or extra paragraph marks on that extra page. Delete as many extras as you can, but I’m sure you’ll find that the last paragraph mark cannot be deleted. That paragraph mark stores information about the entire document, so deleting it just isn’t an option.

So, what else can you do?

Well, I have two suggestions for you!

1.) Highlight the paragraph mark and change its font size to 1 pt. With that accomplished, in all likelihood, it will fit on the page with the table and your unwanted page is gone.

2.) If the 1 pt. size doesn’t do it, make the paragraph mark hidden text. That can be accomplished through the Font dialogue window.

That should do it! I found I could still see the extra page in the Print Layout View, but not in Print Preview. Also, a blank page did not come out of the printer, even when I just hit the quick Print button.

Either way you attack the problem, you should find that one of the above solutions will chase away your “blank page blues!”

~ April