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The Book of Treasures

This is my latest browser game addiction, which I am pleased to pass on to all of you!

To get started, click Play as Guest (even as a guest it has saved my progress). Then the game will load after a brief advertisement. If you’re playing at work turn your sound off with the speaker button at the top of the game.

At the bottom you’ll need to select your play style, select Quest. This will take you through the quest mode of the game, where you’ll learn the story behind the game play. Then it will whisk you off to level one where you will receive a tutorial of how to play.

The goal is to make as many words as you can from the letters that you have (like Boggle) and fill up the book spines before time runs out. The goal is to have filled in the book spine of the golden book that holds a piece of the manuscript that you are trying to put back together.

There are thirty five levels to beat. I’ve made it through eight so far. Sometimes the level gives you letters that are wicked hard to put together into words.  This adds to its replay-ability and addictive quality, I think.

The other modes of play are:

Endless – this allows you to play an endless amount of levels.

Timeless – this allows you to play without at timer.

I love word games like this, so go check it out!

http://www.games.com/game-play/the-book-of-treasures/single/ [1]