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The Case of the Preferred Connection

Anish from  India writes:  

Is there any way to setup a preferred wireless connections at my place?  There are several wireless networks available and I want my PC to be connected to only one of them automatically.  Is there any way?

Hi, Anish.  Thanks for the great question.

Yes, there is a way to set up a preferred connection. 

First, make sure that you’re within range of the connection that you’d like to make your favorite.  Down by your clock you’ll see a series of bars that look like the reception bars on your cell phone.  Click on these and you’ll see a list of the wireless connections within range of your PC, along with information such as reception strength and, as you click on each one, whether they are secured or unsecured.  Click the box that says “connect automatically” on the one that you want to be your favorite and unclick the others.

Next, right-click on each of the ones that you don’t want to be your preferred network, click on properties and on the “connection” tab, click the box that says “connect to a more preferred network if available”.

If you do this, then every time that you sign on your computer should default to your preferred connection.  Typically, though, if you start your PC within range of the last connection that you had before you shut it off, or go back into range of the connection, it should connect automatically to the last known connection.

I hope that this helps!

~Randal Schaffer