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The Case of the Unique Series

Ashkan from Iran writes:

How can I create non-repeated numbers between 100 and 300 in Excel?

Hi, Ashkan.  Thanks for the great question.

What you’re talking about here is creating a “unique series” – and there’s actually a pretty easy way to do it.  You didn’t specify any parameters in your query, so I’m guessing that you’re just talking about a series by ones (100, 101, 102…298, 299, 300) right?  So what you do is enter the numeral 100 at cell 1A.  Then, in cell 2A enter “=a1+1″ without the quotes.  This will give you the numeral 101 in cell A2.

Next, the black square in the lower right corner of cell A2, then hold your left-click down and drag to cell a201.  Your cursor will probably change into a cross, but that’s okay.

This will give you the unique series that you’re looking for.  This trick will also work in Open Office Calc.

I hope that this helps.

~Randal Schaffer