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The Cleveland Clinic Celebrates its 90th Anniversary

It is amazing to me to think that the Cleveland Clinic has been around for 90 years! Growing up with it on the periphery of my life, I think that I have sort of taken its existence for granted. The clinic opened in 1921 and is still open today, come visit the site and celebrate the 90 years that they’ve been open and serving the medical community.

I started my visit by clicking the arrows on the main image and scrolling through the images of the different decades that the are represented on the site. Then I noticed the plus signs on the images, clicked one, and to my delight was treated to a tidbit of information from that decade! So then I had to go back through all the images and see the little facts that were present on each image for each decade.

Navigation is easy! Select from one of the navigation tabs to begin your journey. They are: Welcome, Our Story, Historical Timeline, Cleveland Clinic Today, and Wellness Events. I bet you can guess where I started! That’s right, I started with the Historical Timeline section where you’ll find information for each decade that the clinic has been open. It starts with the 1920’s, you’ll find facts on the left side of the page and images on the right side of the page. You can click the images to enlarge them, they pop up – just click the x in the corner of the image to close it. I learned all sorts of things about the Cleveland Clinic’s history that I didn’t know before visiting this page.

For example, in 1929 an X-Ray machine exploded and nearly destroyed the clinic, killing 129 people – including the founder, but two doctors pulled through in 1930 and used their own funds to keep the place going. It won’t be until the 1940’s that the clinic fully recovers from that explosion. I can’t imagine the world without the Cleveland Clinic, but it could have closed after that accident! That’s just a small fraction of the things you’ll discover through this timeline. The images are amazing too! What a stellar way to peer back into the past!