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The Clickless Presentation

The Click-Less Presentation

Do you give presentations using MS PowerPoint?

Is it the mouse click you hear over and over again as you advance through your presentation? Or are you constantly reaching to hit a button on the keyboard?

And, let’s talk about moving backward through that presentation. If you’re only trying to move a slide or two back, it’s either to the keyboard you must go or through the hassle of mouse maneuvering using clicks and menus. (Clearly if you’re trying to move a far distance from your current slide then the menus make sense as they will take you directly to your desired location).

So, how about a silent way to move from slide to slide that works both forward and backward?

Yeah, I liked the idea too when I happened upon the situation.

All you need is a mouse with a scroll wheel and to realize that the scroll wheel will do the same work as all the clicking and keys.

Simply scroll the wheel down to advance the presentation and scroll upwards to return to the previous slide.

No clicking! No reaching for keys! Just quick, smooth and easy advancement through your presentation.

~ April