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The Crafter’s Community

The Crafter’s Community [1]

Crafter’s Community is like “the site” for crafters. With plenty of craft projects to keep you busy throughout the spring. You’re going to love this site for your crafting needs.

On the front page there are lots of Holiday/Season specific crafts for you to try out like: Bunny Bells, Hanging Hearts, and Plastic Rabbits. You will also see that under “Community Center” on the front page a list of most recent message boards, happy birthdays, and top resources.

If you go to the “Projects and Activities” section you will find tons of nifty projects you can do. I am also a soap maker so I headed straight to those projects and they had some cool ideas like Soapcicles, and Soap Crayons for kids. Speaking of kids, there are a ton of fun craft projects you can do with your kids. Check out Kids Crafts for more details.

In the Community Center you will see Message Boards and Pen Pals Place. They have a very nice Pen Pal Program on this site with over 1600 pen pals—I’m sure you can find some one to talk to about your crafting. Their slogan is “Enter as Strangers, Leave as Friends.”

Now, should you not find a project you are looking for in the project section I suggest checking out the message board (the heart and soul of this site). You can probably find any project you are looking for under the sun on this site. Or start a new topic and get the results you want from asking a question. The message board was my favorite part of the site.

This is a fun, frisky crafter’s site. Check it out!

http://crafterscommunity.com/index.php [1]