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The Cross Stitch Guild

I haven’t done cross stitch since I was a teenager, but if you could see my Pinterest boards you’d have an inkling of how obsessed I am with it right now. Before starting any new hobby, I always do a ton of research. If  I am going to invest time and money into a hobby I want to know it’s going to pay off. I’ve been toying with the idea of picking up cross stitch again. 

It started with Maker’s Mart this spring, there was an artist there selling her cross stitch designs and they included geek references, memes, and general sass. I’ve  been thinking about it ever since. Then I started researching materials, patterns, designs, etc.  Among that research I ran into this section of the Cross Stitch Guild’s site where they offer tips and tricks for getting started and teach you the basics you’ll need to know. 

I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos on getting started, and while the video on this site isn’t the best tutorial I’ve seen, I love that she demonstrates doing cross stitch on multiple fabrics. 

What I really love about this site though is if you scroll down past the video, you’ll find the Stitching on Aida section (click the link to got to the full article), Stitching on Evenweave, and Stitching on Linen. When you open these you get really awesome, detailed images of what you need to do to work with these fabrics. I really found them to be helpful. You’ll also find two different ways to start out. 

Beneath those you’ll find more sections: Fabric Basics, Color Converter, Cross Stitch Charts and Key Basics, Thread Basics, Cross Stitch Equipment, and the handy Cross Stitch FAQ.  

Of all of those the Color Converter is my favorite resource. It lets you pick a brand of floss,  then select the floss number you need for your project, and covert it across different brands so that you can substitute thread for your project! This is a great tool for anyone from beginner to advanced stitchers! 

I haven’t taken the plunge yet, but I’m storing away sites in my bookmarks for when I do. Check this out for yourself today!

http://www.thecrossstitchguild.com/cross_stitch_basics/stitch_basics.aspx [1]