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The Daily Kitten

The Daily Kitten [1]

the_daily_kitten_1 [2]

Every day a new adorable kitten is posted here at the daily kitten. They even tell you when you can expect the new image and story to be up (3:07 P.M. GMT). I was hooked when a reader sent me this link [3] and I knew after seeing that adorable kitten that I had to share this site with you. I have since added it to my bookmarks and check it daily because everyone could use a daily dose of cute in their life!

the_daily_kitten_2 [4]

Navigation is super easy! The main page will be updated daily with a new kitten, and if you scroll down past that, you can see the six kittens who were on previously. If you click one of their images you’ll be whisked off to their page.

A daily dose of cute isn’t enough? Well you can also check out the archives. To do so, you can either click the older posts link at the very bottom of the page, or you can use the calendar on the right side of the page and click the day you’d like to view. Or you change the month by clicking the name of the month beneath the calendar.

Do you have a super-adorable kitten whose powers of cute you’d like to share with the world? Then you need to click the Want to Add Your Own Kitten link on the right side of the page. It will give you the information you need about how to submit your kitten, as well as the submission form.

the_daily_kitten_3 [5]

I hope you’ll bookmark this site today. You can then tune in daily for the rest of the year for your daily dose of kitten cuteness!

http://www.dailykitten.com/ [1]