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The Email Game – Turn Unclogging Your Inbox Into A Game

If you use Gmail or Google Apps, you can use this site to play the email game. The email game makes working through a clogged inbox less tedious and more fun!

I’d start your visit by watching the video on the main page. It explains the benefits of playing the email game, why you may need it, and how it works. For a more in-depth explanation of how to use the email game check out the How it Works [1] page which is basically a mini-tutorial in images. 

Ready to play? Well then type in your e-mail address and go through the permissions and setup pages so that you can start playing. Once you’re ready to start answering emails the game begins.

I really like this method of dealing with a clogged inbox. You have to quickly decide how best to deal with an e-mail, then respond within the time limit. And racing the clock makes it into a game of efficiency. You can always add more time if you need to write a longer email. 

So what are you waiting for? Go unclog your inbox today!

http://emailga.me/ [2]