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The Facebook Timeline

You may have noticed a big difference in how your friends’ pages are displayed if they have adopted this new layout of Facebook.  Today we are going to discuss how to navigate your way around a Timeline page, and how you can set your own up if you’d like!

Let’s go over how to find your way on a friend’s Timeline page.  The layout is completely different.  There are two “profile” pictures – one large picture that is the backdrop at the top of the page, and a smaller icon that displays your current profile picture as well as your complete Profile Pictures album once you click on the little box.  You can select and change both as needed.  The backdrop picture is not a profile picture, per say, as it is not part of your Profile Pictures album.  It simply serves as the background of your page.  


Below the background picture of a Timeline page, there are four gray tabs: Friends, Subscribed, Message, and a toolbox icon.  The Friends tab lets you choose what list(s) under which your friend is categorized.  The Subscribed tab lets you choose what updates you want to receive on your News Feed.  If you don’t want to receive any News Feed updates, you can simply select Unsubscribe.  The Message tab allows you to send a private message to the selected friend.  The little tools icon gives you several options.  The first is See Friendship, which takes you to your friendship page with the said person.  The second option is “Poke.”  If you poke your friend, they will receive a notification the next time they log onto Facebook that they have been “poked” by you.  Finally, you can Suggest Friends, Unfriend, or Report/Block if you do not want the person to have any access to your information anymore.


Underneath the backdrop image and profile picture, it lists basic information about the Facebook user.  You can click on “About” for more information.  Then, there are boxes of images listing the friend’s Friends, Photos, Likes, Groups, etc.  Below this top half of the page is the person’s actual Timeline.  On the left hand of the page, you can either post a message or photo onto the friend’s Timeline.  The way the page is laid out is all based on timing, as implied by the name.  Once you are viewing the timeline, a bar appears at the top of the page.  It says the friend’s name, Timeline, and Now.  If you click on the friend’s name, it reloads the page and scrolls back to the top of the page.  If you click on Timeline, it lists several options based on the friend’s account.  For example, it might list About, Friends, Photos, Map, and Likes.  This allows you to easily navigate your way to a certain part of your friend’s page.


If you click on Now, it lists present day, the past month, and previous years until the person’s birth date.  You can click on whatever year you would like, and Facebook will take you back to that date and time.  It’s like time traveling via the web!  On the right hand side, there is another way to help navigate your way on the Timeline as well.  There is a straight blue line listing all the dates from present date to when the person first opened his/her Facebook page.  When you are looking at a certain year, you can select the month in that year.  And, as always, you can comment or like any of these posts as you wish!


When you go back to a previous year, 2011 or before, two new tabs occur at the top of the page next to the Timeline tab.  One tab listing the year you are looking at, 2010 for example, and Highlights.  Highlights is the automatic choice, which displays the main or most popular posts made in that particular year.  You can switch this option to All Stories, which will show all the friend’s posts and updates, or you can pick any month if you wish to look at a particular month in that year.


If you wish to set up your own Timeline account, check out Facebook for more information!  One particular advantage to the new Timeline feature is that you can control what updates you want to appear in your friends’ Mini News Feed, and much more!  Happy Timelining!