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The Food and Environment Reporting Network

With all the different forms of investigative journalism out there, I have to admit that I was honestly surprised when I realized how under-reported the topics of food, agriculture, and the environment were. Just thinking about the recent “pink slime” meat controversy that has been plastered all over the Internet news outlets made me realize how powerful this kind of reporting can be, and how under educated we are about what goes into our bodies via processed foods.

Now I want share this site with you with one caveat, I’m not a judgmental eater – I like McDonald’s as much as the nearest five year old, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to be informed about what’s happening out in the world of food, where it comes from, and how that process effects the earth. I’m sharing this site so that you have the option of being informed too.

On the main page, you’ll find the featured articles in a rotating feature section. You can click on the one that catches your attention and read it. I found the article, If Food is in Plastic What’s in the Food? to be a very interesting read – as well as the information about how farmers are under fire for nitrate pollution. Both topics that aren’t be covered on my local news, but are well written about here on this site.

Navigation is easy. You can pick and chose from the articles listed on the main page (or in the feature section) or you can click on Blog on the navigation bar to find access to even more articles. Just click their title to expand and read the article.

I really liked the About Us section because it goes into detail about what the site aims to do, who the people are on staff, their code of ethics, and offers you a FAQ to check out.  And if you really end up liking the investigative reporting that you find here, you can sign up for the newsletter and receive e-mails from them. 

This is a really informative site that takes an in-depth look at the food we eat, where it comes from, how it is produced, and so much more. Check it out today.

http://thefern.org/ [1]