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The Fun Theory – Making Recyling Fun

The Fun Theory is dedicated to the idea that the easiest way to change people’s behavior for the better is through fun! 

How did I get here? I randomly ran across the Bottle Bank Arcade video on YouTube and then followed the link back to the website. The video is about recycling glass bottles. A lot of people will recycle plastic bottles and cans because they can get money for doing so, but how much incentive would be needed to get people to recycle their glass bottles? Apparently, you just need to add an element of fun! They built a Bottle Bank Arcade. How it works is that you bring your bottles to recycle and when you insert them you net a certain amount of points. The goal is try and get as many point as you can! Check out the video to see the results. 

Navigation when you reach the page is fairly simple. On the main page you’ll be greeted with five videos that highlight the idea of fun creating positive change. If you want to check out the Finalists and Award entries you can click on those respective tabs on the navigation menu. 

The contest is over, but I think there is still plenty that we can take away from these videos and proposals. I mean just think about it, how can you motivate positive change in your community? Or heck, how can you use fun to motivate positive change in your own life? Think about it, there are a lot of really cool practical applications for making positive change when you add fun!

http://www.thefuntheory.com/ [1]