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The Game

The Game [1]

I’m a serious packer and I’m great at getting a suitcase filled with more than my roommate thought could fit in there. So when I discovered a packing game, I knew I was in trouble. This game is so addicting! You have been warned!

The object is to pack as much of the stuff on the left side of the game field as possible into the suitcase on the right. There are straps going vertically and horizontally that you use to strap the items into the suitcase. If you want to rotate an item, drag it to the bottom of the suitcase over the drag here text.

You have five minutes to stuff that suitcase full of items. Then you can submit your scores for the weekly prize drawing, or you can restart. You can see the prizes beneath the suitcase.

When you’re happy with your score or run out of time, click Submit and a pop up will appear asking for your name and e-mail address to enter you into the prize drawing the week.

I am so addicted to this game; I can’t even begin to describe how much fun it is. Check it out for yourself!

http://www.cocooninnovations.com/game.php [1]