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The Girl Effect

I love when I find sites to share with you that raise awareness to issues around the globe. The Girl Effect is a site dedicated to getting girls in developing countries the education and visibility that they need to be successful in life, and end poverty for themselves. 

Did you know that less than .02 of each humanitarian aid dollar is directly invested in girls in developing countries? Yet, if they received aid that was directly invested in educating and preparing them to work, they would be more likely to invest 95% of their income back into their family. Conversely, statistics show that boys only return 35% of their income to their families. 

When you get to the site, I’d recommend you start with the Why Girls section. Watch the short videos (click play on the video and then you can click 2 and watch the second video in the same manner), then check out the facts below the video. Next, you can click the link near the bottom of the page that reads Get the Latest Facts, which will whisk you away to an awesome infographic. Then, you just have to click the more button to expand it. You can also find the infographic on the Explore tab.

You’ll also find videos (interviews, information, etc), statistics, and information on how you can help in this section. Navigating around it is a little bit different. You can either click things with your mouse, or you can use the arrows on the screen to navigate back and forth. To expand things, click the more buttons on the different squares, and less to close it. You can watch presentations of data as well!

Most importantly, I hope that after today, these girls will no longer be invisible. 

http://www.girleffect.org [1]