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The Guild Wars Chef

I confess, I’m a bit of a gamer. I love MMORPG’s (massively multiplayer online role playing games) and I’ve been playing Guild Wars 2 since it was in beta. One of my favorite things to do in these kinds of  games is to craft! Guild Wars 2 not only has an amazing crafting system, but their cooking craft actually has recipes that you’d want to eat. And I’m not the only one who feels this way. 

Guild Wars Chef is a blog dedicated to recreating the cooking recipes within Guild Wars 2 in the real world with real ingredients. The blog author takes recipes from the game and creates recipes to match them in real life. So even if you don’t like MMORPG’s and have never heard of Guild Wars 2, there are still a bevvy of delicious recipes (both savory and sweet) awaiting you at this site.  You can check out the first entry here [1]to see what inspired the blog’s author to try out the recipes and what their goals are.

Navigation is easy, just scroll down the page to go back through the previous entries. Use the Oudere Berichten (older entries) link to browse further back through the entries or you can use the side menu and check out the archives link. The entries only go back through January so you haven’t missed out on much yet. 

I can’t wait to try out some of these recipes myself like the Cinnamon Pinwheels, Stuffed Peppers, and Front Line Stew. This site is a combination of video game geekery and tasty treats! Check it out today!

http://guildwarschef.blogspot.nl/ [2]