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The Helpful Gardner

The Helpful Gardener [1]

You’re thinking it is winter, why a gardening site? Well if you love gardens you’ll know that there is always something going on in every season. You can start planning your garden now.

You can find navigation along the top yellow bar or the side menu and lots of articles featured right on the front page.

Did you get a poinsettia this Christmas? Well don’t toss it out! Instead, learn how to cultivate it and keep it growing. My mom has some that are several years old and they still bloom every winter for her.

Here you find a lot of tips from specific flowers (roses, lilacs, etc.) to garden types (Japanese, year round, etc.) that will help you be a better gardener.

For those of you who love to have a community to talk to and share ideas with, check out the Garden Forum where you can talk to like minded individuals, ask questions and so much more.

Vegetable – here you will get information specific to growing in a vegetable garden. From planning your garden to growing your favorite herbs, and even some great tomato tips. If you love to grow vegetables, this is the place for you.

Rose Gardening – here you will learn what you need to know to grow pretty roses. Although the rose can be a picky flower and can be complicated to cultivate, they are very rewarding. Here you can learn to pick what roses to buy for your garden with the handy article “Choosing your Rose.” You’ll also find a great tips on how to plant your rose, and how to care for it.

Flower Gardening – here you can find out what to plant for early blooms, how to garden with bulbs and how to plan a fragrant garden.

Container Gardening – for those of you who don’t have a sprawling estate or even a little plot of land to call our own, we can still have a garden. A container garden can make any amount of space lovely! I think this is the kind of garden I’m going to make this year, as I want to do some major renovation to my yard and flower beds.

Japanese Gardening – if I did have a great space, I’d love to try my hand at this. My roommate is a big fan of all things oriental. Here you can learn the principles of Japanese gardening. You will also find awesome information on caring for the bonsai tree and for making a rock garden.

With so much to offer, this site is full of tips, tricks, and ideas to make you a very happy gardener.

http://www.helpfulgardener.com/ [1]

~ Amanda