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The History Kitchen

I love history and I love cooking, so it absolutely makes sense that I love this site. I just can’t believe I haven’t found it sooner. 

The History Kitchen helps you discover the stories behind the food you love. I found the site through a search looking for information on a Betty Crocker cookbook I want to acquire and found an article on this devoted to uncovering the history behind Betty Crocker. Right now it is one of the featured articles on the scrolling featured section. Also featured is the history of Nutella, Coffee, and Fingerfoods.

Other navigation options include the navigation strip at the top of the page with the categories Home, What They Ate, Did You Know, Videos, Recipe Index, and easy access to the search field. If you scroll down pas the featured section you’ll find a selection of more featured posts.

You know all you need to now to dive and discover the history of your favorite foods, so go check this site out today!

http://thehistorykitchen.com/ [1]