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The Ins and Outs of the Maxthon Browser

Azri from Malaysia writes:

I’ve heard of a browser called Maxthon. What is your opinion of it and can you rate this browser as compared to the other big names out there?

Maxthon Internet browsers are available for a wide range of devices, including PCs running Windows operating systems and Android smart phones and tablets. They even offer a kid-friendly browser for Android tablets. The company has been making browsers for nearly a decade now, and even though their products are not widely used in the U.S., Maxthon claims their browsers are 200 percent faster than Google Chrome and offer a wide range of user-friendly features. Users can customize the look of the browser with skins and additional settings for a truly unique browsing experience. Each version of the browser offers unique features and options.

Maxthon 3 for Windows

PC users running Windows can download and install the Maxthon 3 browser. In addition to allowing users to customize the look of the browser, Maxthon offers a host of unique features designed to help users make the most of their Web browsing experience. Using the Maxthon Passport, users can easily sync and access their browsing settings, favorites and notes on a variety of devices. The browser also allows users to log into one site using multiple accounts, which is a great feature for gamers or those with multiple accounts on one server.

Users can also create shortcuts to their most frequently used Web sites to reduce typing and create shapes with their mouse (gestures) that will trigger events within the browser. Web pages are easier to view with Maxthon thanks to their zoom in and out functions and the mute option, which prevents any sound from playing through your browser – which means you don’t have to listen to noisy ads or music.

Additional features include the Download Sniffer, which detects audio, video and images on Web sites and allows you to choose which ones you want to download; a pop-up video option so you can view videos in a separate window or even download them for viewing later; and a split screen option so you can view two pages side by side.

Maxthon for Android Devices

The Android version of the browser is a bit more limited in its features, as are most smart phone and tablet browsers. In addition to normal browser functionality, Maxthon for Android allows users to read RSS feeds, add and edit RSS feed options, and scroll through feeds to get news on the go. It allows users to mark their most visited sites so they can return to them easily again and again.

The mobile version also features download resuming support so users can easily download video, audio, images or other files and view them on their Android devices. The Super Gesture option makes it easy for users to open, close and switch tabs by making a simple gesture on the screen with their finger. Users can even set their own gestures in the browser settings.

Kid-Safe Browser

Maxthon’s unique Kid-Safe Browser for seven-inch Android tablets allows parents to preset a list of approved Web sites their kids can visit. Maxthon even provides a list of sites from which users can choose, along with the ability to add additional sites. The browser blocks content from any URL that is not in the preset “safe” list, including pop-ups and advertisements. Modifying the safe list requires a password, which keeps kids from modifying the settings themselves.

The Maxthon browsers for PCs and Android devices are available for free and can be downloaded through Maxthon’s Web site or through the Android Market or Amazon.com App Store. The Kid-Safe version of the browser sells for just $1.99. Unfortunately, the company does not make browsers that are compatible with Mac operating systems.

~Chad Stetson