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The Katherine Dunham Collection

Selections from the Katherine Dunham Collection [1]

Did you know that the Library of Congress had a Performing Arts Encyclopedia? I didn’t! But I discovered it when I was looking to find out more about Katherine Dunham, so I thought I’d share the collection devoted to her with you.

Katherine Dunham was an incredible dancer who changed the dance world. To navigate, use the menu near the top with the options: About, Timeline, Learn More, Digitization, etc. Or you can search the collection with the search engine. Or you can use the Browse by Format options beneath the search field.

The About section introduces you to the collection and gives you some information about Katherine Dunham’s accomplishments.

The Timeline takes you through Katherine’s life via important years in her life. I found this section was a quite fascinating way to learn more about her.

The meat of the collection can be found by using the options under Browse by Format. You will find photographs and videos to check out.

When you’re done learning about Katherine Dunham, an amazing dance legend, you can use the search engine on the left side of the page to search the rest of the Performing Arts Encyclopedia.

I bookmarked this page so I could come back and explore more performing artists later, and I hope you will too! Check it out today!