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The Kids Should See This

The Kids Should See This is an awesome site that has videos focusing on Science, Nature, Music, Arts, Storytelling, etc. that kids should see! The videos are collected from around the web by Rion Nakaya for her three-year-old.

Children’s programming really irks me (I see a ton of it when I’m babysitting for my friends), it is so dumbed down that I wonder if kids are even getting any benefit from it. But there is perfectly good media out there that was created specifically for children that is totally appropriate for them. That is the kind of media that is collected here.

Her guidelines are that it should entertain and educate her, as well as be appropriate for her children. What I really love is that these are videos that educated me! So not only can your kids learn something, you can too. Or if you don’t have kids, these are still awesome videos to watch.

I loved the video about the chihuahua Josie who was born without front legs and the prosthetic that was made for her. I also enjoyed learning why some insects can walk on water, or hearing Ella Fitzgerald sing!

This collection of videos is something kids of all ages should see whether they are young in years, or you are young at heart. Check it out today!

http://thekidshouldseethis.com/ [1]