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The Lawn Institute

I don’t know if you remember me complaining about having to grow new lawn about a dozen garden sites ago, but I’m still fighting that battle here in Ohio. I’m still trying to get my lawn to grow. I just put seed down and am watering it religiously in the sudden heat wave we’ve had. And so I went surfing on the net for something to point me in the right direction.

I found the Lawn Institute and their lawn tips section. The tips are broken down into parts: “How to Select the Best Grass for a Northern Lawn” and “How to Select the Best Grass for a Southern Lawn”. Choose your location and then it goes over the different seed types for your area and then what needs they are best at meeting.

How the Environment Benefits from a Well Maintained Lawn — this goes into the environmental issues of maintaining your lawn. Did you know that grass conserves water and cleans the air you breathe? Did you know that healthy lawns help produce healthier soil? Did you know that green grass was one of the things most missed by our troops during Desert Storm?

How to Read a Seed Label to Determine Quality — this section teaches you how to read a bag of grass seed’s label so that you are truly getting the best mix for your conditions. I’ll be honest, I bought two bags of grass seed locally for relatively little money because I wasn’t certain it would take and anything would be better than the huge bare spot in my yard. But now I know how to read a label and I found out that for the high traffic of my lawn I didn’t do too bad at all.

Other sections on this site will teach you about fertilizing your lawn, watering your lawn, and even renovating and over seeding your lawn. This is a great resource on getting your grass to grow beautifully and how to maintain it.

http://www.turfgrasssod.org/lawninstitute/ [1]