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The Mind of Leonardo

The Mind of Leonardo

Rather than looking at only one facet of Leonardo da Vinci and focusing on his genius in just that aspect, this site tries to correlate all the many different facets of his genius. I had a hard time trying to decide how to present this site to you. It is an amazing journey, so what I’m going to do is just explain how you should get started on your own journey.

I’d recommend clicking the link Introduction, and from there just click on the word next on the right hand side of the page. It allows you to follow the path that I think the author of the site intended, and to me it felt like the best way to make sure that you saw everything. Any other way through made me have to double back to check out something I’d missed by just clicking around.

The result of navigating in the way I described is that you learn fascinating things about Leonardo that match up with other aspects of his genius that you might not have connected on your own before.

Go on now, go check it out, and see for yourself what I mean.