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The “New” New

You know how when you right-click inside a folder or on your Desktop , you get a menu with an item labeled ” New “? If you highlight it, you’ll get a sub menu that lets you create all kinds of new documents.

Well, it seems that every piece of software you install wants to stick an item on that menu. If you’re finding the menu is getting a little too long, you can get rid of some of those extra items with Tweak UI. If you don’t have Tweak UI installed on your system, follow the link below to find out how to do it:


Note that Tweak UI is not rated for Win XP. However, I tried it on my machine and it seems to be OK.

Here’s my “New” menu before I Tweak UI’d it:

To modify the items in the “New” menu, hit the Start button, Settings, Control Panel . XP users, just hit the Start button, Control Panel .

Open Tweak UI and click the tab labeled ” New .”

Just uncheck the items you don’t want to appear. Almost too easy, huh?

Here’s my new and improved “New” menu:

~ Steve