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The NYTimes 1% More Savings Calculator

Most of us are so engrossed in our day to day activities, which remain woven around reacting to things that are happening all around us, that we forget to plan for the future. That rings true especially when it comes to our finances. After all, it’s a slow tedious process which yields results in slow motion. Who has the patience to wait for so long, right?

To motivate all of us in the gentlest of manner possible, the guys over at NY┬áTimes have made an online app [1] which helps you see the amount of money you’ll accumulate in the future if you increase your savings by mere 1%.

Ny Time 1% Money SAving App
To estimate this, you are required to enter your annual income, the percentage you save every year, the time window and a few other optional factors. Once the data is entered it calculates and estimate the approximate figure which denotes your projected future savings. Going a step further, the application charts the data on a graph for easy visual representation.

Ny Time 1% Money SAving App
It not only shows you the amount that you will save if you continue at the rate at which you are saving currently, but also shows you the amount you’ll have if you save just 1% more than your current saving rate. Highly motivating, isn’t it?

It doesn’t stop there, and continues to show you the kind of money you can expect to accumulate if you increase your saving rate by 1% every year to a maximum of 16%.

Pretty nifty, I say. This is as good as future projection gets.

Here’s another hint: Save a screenshot of the graph that is generated for you and put it someplace where you can see it everyday. I guarantee that you’ll suddenly find a new-found enthusiasm for saving money for the future.

Click here [1] to go to this fantastic app.

~Yogesh Bakshi