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The Original Condiment Package Museum

Condiment packages come in different styles and colors, and have changed over the years. Welcome to the Original Condiment Package Museum—they’ve got everything from ketchup to mustard. There are 890 unique packets in the museum.

You’ll notice three special galleries—New Additions, Heinz Ketchup Bottle, and the New Taco Bell Packets.

New Additions are the newly added packages.

Heinz Ketchup Bottle — these packages feature the Heinz Ketchup Bottle with everything Chic-Fil-Et to Hardees to Burger King to Wendy’s and many more. I remember the Wendy’s one most vividly. But I didn’t know how many other places had the Heinz Bottle on their Ketchup packets.

Then you get to the New Taco Bell Packets. I recommend looking at every single one. They have unique sayings on each packet, and it showcases each variety: Mild, Hot, and Fire Sauce. I loved this section the most.

Now you are ready for the main galleries: Ketchup 1 & 2, Mustard, Relish, BBQ Sauce, Soy Sauce, Mayo, Hot Sauce, Salads, Honey, Salt & Pepper, Seasonings, Lemon Juice, Creamer, Jam 1 & 2, and Misc. 1 and 2.

My favorites of those galleries are Misc. 1 & 2, BBQ Sauce, and Honey. Salads was a full of dressing, and croutons.

This is a fun museum to surf through, so I’m wondering, like one Taco Bell Packet said, “How many of these do you already have in your glove compartment?”

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