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The Picture Saving Dilemma

The Picture Saving Dilemma

Do you receive e-mail in MS Outlook containing excellent pictures that are not attachments?

It’s easy to save attachments, but this one happens to be right in the e-mail. Are you looking for an easy way to save those pictures?

I mean, you may have tried to save the e-mail itself, but what were your choices? Text Only? Outlook Template? Html?

None of them were what you desired and let’s face it, you really just wanted that picture without all the rest.

So, what now?

Well, might I suggest a right click?

Yep, that’s correct. It’s as simple as a right click.

When you right click on a picture, a menu opens.

Choose “Save picture as.”

A dialogue window will open allowing you to name the file, designate a location for the file and you can choose to save the picture as a .jpeg at the bottom in the “Save as type” field.

It’s as easy as that. Simply repeat the right click on each picture you want to save and you’ve got it!

That should help put an end to your picture saving frustrations!

~ April