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The Pocket Mod

Up until I found this site, I had been keeping track of my grocery list on my smart phone, but then juggling between the list and the calculator got really annoying, so I started looking for a better way. Enter the Pocket Mod!

The Pocket Mod is a personal organizer that you can customize and put together to suit your specific needs. On the main page you’ll find a description of how it works, why it is neat, and a good video on how to fold it. When you’re ready to make your own, just click the Create a Pocket Mod link at the top right side of the page. I turn mine in a multi-page grocery list! Once folded, it is the perfect size to keep with my smart phone and go back forth between the calculator and list. 

So once the application loads, you can select what type of page you want to make, then drag and drop it into one of the pages of the pocket mod. Since I make grocery lists, I click on Organization and then select Simple List (yes I know there is a shopping list in the folder, but this list you can customize! Just click the little tool button above the right corner of the list and you can type in your items), then I fill it out with my grocery list, and when I’m finished click on the list and drag it over one of the blank slots on the right. Once you’ve filled all the pages of the pocket mod, print it out, then reference the folding video to put it together. 

I love this site! This is such a functional application, go check it out! 

http://www.pocketmod.com/ [1]