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The Power of T

The Power of T

When you’re working in MS PowerPoint do you make multiple changes to the text font… such as font type, size, color, style, shadow effect, etc?

Do you prefer to make these changes in a “one-stop” place where all the selections are together instead of spread out among several different buttons, color palettes and lists?

If this suits your preferences then you’ve probably discovered PowerPoint’s Font dialogue box found through the Format menu.

Looks something like this:


If this is your preferred method of formatting then it may interest you to know that you don’t need a menu to get there – all you need to know about is the power of T. Well, to be exact, you need to know about the power of Ctrl + T.

Next time you’re looking to make multiple font changes skip the menu stuff completely, just give Ctrl + T a try and you’ll find you’re in the “one-stop” shop for font possibilities.

~ April