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The PowerPoint Master

Do you frequently use MS PowerPoint?

Ever wonder what that Slide Master thing is all about?

Well, to put it as simply as I can, the Slide Master is a part of your design template and it’s meant to store information about font, background colors, graphics, etc. If you set one of these elements in your Slide Master, it automatically affects the rest of the slides in your presentation.

Why would you want to bother with the Slide Master?

That’s a good question and there’s definitely a good answer. If you’re looking to change a font, bullet style or background picture for your entire presentation, you can go to one place to make the change. And that’s the Slide Master. It sure beats changing every single slide!

So, where do you find the Slide Master?

Fortunately, there’s a quick answer to that one. Go to the View menu, Master submenu, Slide Master choice.

Poof! The Slide Master opens, waiting for your adjustments.

If you’re using a design template, you may find that there’s a Slide Master for the title slide and one for the rest. You can switch between the two Slide Masters by using the thumbnails on the left side of your program window.

Simply click the Close Master View button or use the View menu, Normal View choice to return to individual slide editing and you’re back to business as usual!

~ April