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The Rosetta Disk

File this one under news, but put a sticky note that says ”Awesome” on it! Take a look at the picture below, if you will, and try to take a stab at what you think it might be.


Is it a closeup of some new-fangled super fabric? Maybe it’s every Clint Eastwood movie being played simultaneously on a towering wall of televisions! Whatever it is, I sure think it’s cool looking!

Give up yet? Okay, I’ll tell you, then!


This is something called the “Rosetta Disk”. It’s a whole lot of data! We’re talking over 13, 000 pages of data, spanning 1,500 languages, all etched carefully, microscopically into nickel. To even read a single page of it, you’d need a 500x microscope!

The advance of technology continues to impress!