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The Science of Gardening

This site is amazing. Not just because of the videos, but because you really do learn the science of gardening.

Feed — This section has two videos: one about how carnivorous plants work and one about a garden in California and compost tea. They are both really interesting; you won’t be disappointed. This section also contains the interactive area called Garden Variety about the history of food and an article called The Dirt on Dirt.

Control — This section also has two videos: one on subzero gardening and one on competitive growing. Both were pretty interesting, especially the Subzero Gardening video about hydroponics and get to see a garden in Antarctica. There are also two photo essays: Garden Lore talks about strange remedies and A Truckload of Pumpkins is full of pictures from Half Moon Festival and information on how they grew those giant pumpkins. This section also tells you all about saving seeds and how to make hybrid plants.

Bloom — This section has my favorite video, a Little Patch of Dirt. A community in San Francisco decided to turn a median into a garden. The government is now providing this great community project with free water. There are also two interactive sections. The Secret Lives of Flowers teaches you all about flowers from their parts to what kinds of animals they attract. Hello Dahlia is a great section that tells you all about this very versatile flower.

Exploring all of this great site’s goodies took up most of my morning. I can’t believe that I learned so much more about gardening. ~ Amanda, Sept. 12, 2005.