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The Secret To Managing Your Mac Passwords

With so much information available to us, often managing the information becomes a job within itself and passwords are no exception to the rule. According to a recent study 58 percent of adults have five or more unique passwords while 30 percent of all people have more than 10 unique passwords. Lucky for Mac users OS X has a built-in password utility that makes recovering and managing those passwords a cinch.

Step 1) Go to your search icon and type in Keychain Access (it should be the first one in the list)

Alternatively you can navigate directly to the utility (/Applications/Utilities/)

Step 2) On the left hand side you’ll see two menus: Keychains and Categories . Under Keychains make sure login is selected and under Categories select passwords.

Step 3) Double-click on the password you want to review or recover on the right-hand side. A pop-up box will appear with general information about the account.

Step 4) Towards the bottom click where it says Show Password, a popup box will  appear asking you for your Mac password. Enter the relevant information and select Allow.

Step 5)  Your password should now appear in the box labeled show password. From here you also have the option to change the password. All you would need to do is enter the new password and select Save Changes in the right-hand side.

And that’s it. The built-in password utility provided by Mac can be a powerful tool and urge you to review some of its other useful features.

~ Rasheen Whidbee