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The Serengeti Lion

This is an amazing site, and I am so delighted to be able to share it with all of you! National Geographic created this site about the Vumbi pride of lions in the Serengeti. Filmed and photographed between July of 2011 and January of 2013 using remote control technology to get up close and personal with the lions and the results are amazing!

Are you ready to explore life on the plains of the Serengeti with the Vumbi pride? I know I am! Let’s dive in! When you load into the site be warned there is sound, while you can turn it off in the lower right corner of the site by clicking the speaker button, you’ll really be missing out on the depth it provides to the site. 

Navigation is pretty nifty! Click Explore to begin. I started out on Awakening, if you click Look the video begins to play. At the bottom left of the page you’ll find the Index button and the About button. 

Index provides you with an index of all the different sections of the site. About tells you all about the project. I suggest that you start with the About page, and then dive into the content. 

While you’re navigating through the content with the right and left arrows, and clicking the Look button to start the videos, pay attention also to the bottom center of the page where a Scroll button comes up it will take you to stills of the lions.  The videos will loop after they’ve played through.

And at the bottom you’ll find both a Caption button and a Commentary.  The caption provides the text from the mercenary. This way if you’re viewing without sound you can still receive the same information. You have to click on the Commentary button in order for it to play. These yield interesting information that is pertinent to the set you are viewing. So the commentary for the section Cubs, for example, is about how lion cubs are reared. 

This is an amazing way to view lions in their natural habitat. If you’re navigating the site with your kids in tow, be warned there is some gore (lions hunting, eating, and carcasses). 

http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/serengeti-lion/index.html#.U2qs-fldXWI [1]