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The Simultaneous Edit and Preview

The Simultaneous Edit and Preview

I don’t know about you, but I find that sometimes I need to see exactly how a slide will appear while I’m still working on a PowerPoint presentation. It sure would be nice to see how the finished product will appear right next to my editing screen. (I get so tired of starting and stopping slide shows just to see how they look).

Well, believe it or not, that’s exactly what I intend to show you today! So, welcome to the world of simultaneous editing and previewing in MS PowerPoint.

The obvious first step is to open the presentation you’re working on.

Next, hold down the Ctrl key and choose Slide Show from the View menu.

A small version of the presentation will begin to play over a portion of your PowerPoint program window, starting with the currently selected slide.

Now, if you try to click back into the PowerPoint program window, you’ll find that it covers the small slide show.

To fix this problem, simply resize your program window to sit next to the slide show.

At this point, editing completed in the program window will immediately be reflected in the slide show window.

Done with the small slide show? No problem! Simply hit the Esc key and poof, it disappears.

Edit and preview simultaneously? Who would have thought it?!

~ April