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The “Smooth” Presentation Quick Move

The “Smooth” Presentation Quick Move

If you use MS PowerPoint presentations as frequently as I do, you probably find it best to know as many little tricks as possible to make each presentation go smoothly. Am I right?

I’m sure most of you have discovered the tools in the bottom left hand corner of your presentation. You know, the ones you use with the mouse to navigate, draw, etc.

Those are certainly handy gadgets to have, especially if you’re trying to jump to a slide somewhere else in your presentation.

I like them just fine, but for moving to another slide, I’ve never really liked that my audience can see me search through a list of slides to make a jump. It always seems “unpolished” to me.

However, if you know the number of the slide you need to jump to, you don’t need to go through the tools. You can avoid the “unpolished” effect they may cause!

To jump to any slide while giving a presentation, simply enter the slide number and then hit the Enter key. (I realize that means you’ll need to know the number of the slide you want to go to, but if you have a few key points of interest, those numbers may be easier to remember than what you think).

Yep, that’s it!

If you want to go to slide number 26, type in the number 26 and hit Enter.

Now, that’s what I call a smooth move!

~ April