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The Spaghetti Book Club

With a name like that you’re probably thinking that this is a book club for pasta lovers, well you’re wrong—it’s a book club for kids with reviews done by kids. Whether you have school age children or grandchildren this is a site you may want to share with them if they have a love of reading.

Titles – here you will find book reviews by title. Find the book you wanted to learn about from the list and read the reviews. Or randomly pick titles to see if you can find something your child may like, or depending on their reading level let them pick. Some books have more than one review and you can see this noted by the title. I saw some with 5 reviews! It must have been a good book.

Reviewers – this section tells you a little bit about the kids who have reviewed these books. This list is alphabetical and there are kids enrolled from all over the place.

Authors – Here you can search by author, either by clicking the letter or by going down the list. The book titles are linked next to the author’s names, and you can click that link to see how many reviews there are for that title.

Clubhouse – This is a forum where you can chat about the reviews or about books, or post to the reviewers themselves.

This is an excellent site to encourage reading—I wish it had been around when I was a kid. I read books like they were going out of style.

http://www.spaghettibookclub.org/ [1]