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The Spirit of Romania

“Romania. A country well hidden somewhere in the south-eastern Europe, acting as a border between the members of the former soviet block and the Western Europe. If you’re reading this, you probably didn’t hear too much about it, unless you’re a football or gymnastics fan. Or unless you saw too many movies with vampires or Dracula and you began to question their credibility.

This site is an attempt to prove that Romania is one of the most amazing, though heavily underestimated, European travel destinations .You’ll read both good and bad things, biased opinions and unbiased travel journals.

I suggest just browsing around the site but here is an idea of what to expect.

Travel Logs — Read about other people’s experiences in Romania, and learn what the country was like through their eyes. There is nothing like word of mouth to get people interested in a location or product. You can read the first bit of their log, and then decide whether or not you want to finish reading what they had to say about their travels in Romania. You can also rate their article on a five point scale. Or if you’ve been to Romania and would like to share your travels you can find out how through this section—you publish it in “The Corner”. So you can say these were the crème de la crème of the travel logs.

Stories & Places — from Brasov to the Temple of Fate to the Muddy Volcanoes, learn about the interesting locations in Romania. My favorite was the Temple of Fate from this section but I love caves with history. Explore each place at your leisure they are great reads!

Travel through Photography — when you get to this section of the site it is like surfing into a new site all together. Well organized was the first thing that crept into my mind. There are several ways to surf this section. You can use the tabs at the top of the page, click on a gallery link, or check out the pictures posted on the page. The tabs read gallery home, home, latest images, most viewed, highest rated, and gallery FAQ. The gallery home takes you back to the main gallery page, home takes you back to the main Spirit of Romania page, latest images is where you will find the freshest images and most viewed and highest rated will show you the more popular photos in the gallery.

Then you have the other options of viewing by portfolio, personal galleries, selected works, or urban, escape, history, and spirits. I spent a good hour looking at everything. There are some very beautiful places in Romania. My favorite picture was of Scropoasa Lake. It’s just beautiful water and scenery.

The Corner — is the site’s forum that is divided into sections. You have the options of General Discussion, Helping Hand, Travel Reviews & Stories & Journals, Organize a Trip, the Romanian Corner, and Feedback. Obviously if you wanted to post your travel account of Romania you would do so in the Travel Reviews.

Practical Info — Here you will find the Romania Cheat Sheet where all your traveling questions may be answered, full of practical knowledge and tips. The Spotted Map where you will find a map of Romania with spots on it, mouse over the spots and you can see if there are pictures of that location and then just click on the image or spot to get some more information.

Now I find myself pining to go to Europe and visit some of these lovely places. How about you?

http://www.spirit.ro/ [1]