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The Status Bar in OpenOffice Calc

Today I’d like to offer one of the easiest to access and yet probably the most completely ignored features in Calc.

It’s found on the right side of your Status Bar… and it’s an area that will give you instant access to basic statistics about a set of selected values.


Let’s take a closer look at what this little unobtrusive part of the Status Bar has to offer.


When you have cells with data selected, you’ll find that the value will change to reflect the sum, average, maximum, etc… of the data.

By default, it displays the sum of the data but you can right-click on that portion of the Status Bar and choose any of the statistics listed.

Once you release the right-click you’ll find that the data is still selected and the new information pertaining to the data is now displayed.

With just this one portion of the Status Bar you can access simple statistics, no formulas required!

What could be easier?

~ April