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The Storm Rolls On

The Storm Rolls On

As you may recall, awhile back, we ran a couple security articles on a Trojan virus called the “Storm Worm.” If you remember anything about those articles, you know that particular piece of malware ended up scaring a lot of people and unfortunately, I’m here today to tell you that it looks as if the Storm is back. And as if that weren’t enough, this time, it has been named the most deadliest e-mail virus of all time. For all the important information on this, please keep reading!

To begin, I’m going to refer you back to one of the previous articles we did on the Storm. Click postcard e-mail scam [1] you’ve been hearing so much about is now being classified along with the Storm Worm virus. All of this started toward the end of June 2007 and it has been on a steady roll ever since.

A couple other e-mail scams have been placed into the Storm category as well, but the postcard scam is the worse by far. It has also been said that the volume of spam coming from this virus won’t slow down any time soon. Unfortunately, the percentage of this kind of spam e-mail will more than likely continue to increase between now and the end of the year. Now, I know we’ve told you before, but please, if you receive any kind of spam e-mail like this, do not open it. Just delete it as fast as you can. There’s no use keeping it around. Stay safe, my friends!

~ Erin