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The Super Quick Word 2007 Table

The Super-Quick Word 2007 Table
I’m sure that most of you have discovered the new features of MS Word 2007 that make the creation of beautiful tables a snap, but what if you were hoping for something even faster?

I mean you still have to insert the table, format any coloring, header rows, row height, etc…Wouldn’t it be nice to start with a table that’s a little closer to the finished product?Yeah, I thought it was a good idea too. So, are you ready to see your options?
Besides placing your cursor at the location where you want to insert your table you need to go to the Insert tab of the Ribbon.

On the Insert tab you need the Table button.


It’s at this point that we’re looking for something different. Instead of choosing a table size to insert, go all the way to the bottom and choose Quick Tables.
A display of built in Quick Tables will open allowing you to choose what would be suit your needs.


Once you choose something it’s inserted into the document and ready for editing. More than likely, you’ll still want to make more changes to its appearance, and obviously their dummy data will have to be replaced, but it seems to me that you might find yourself finishing the job just a bit faster with this little head start.

~ April