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The Ultimate Word Keyboard Shortcut List

The Ultimate Word Keyboard Shortcut List

Quite often I receive email requesting complete lists for keyboard shortcuts.

Unfortunately, I never really have one. Most of the lists I put in this newsletter are lists I compile from a variety of references.

And… to be quite honest, I wasn’t too worried about the “whole” list because most people I’ve worked with have difficulty learning that much material all at once.

But today I stumbled upon a way to get MS Word to make a complete list—so for those who really want the “complete” list of keyboard shortcuts, this one is for you!

To begin you need to open a blank document.

Next you need to go to the Tools menu, Macro sub-menu, Macro choice (or Alt + F8).

When the Macro window opens you’re looking to choose Word commands in the Macros in: field.


Then, from the list that appears in the Macro name: field you need to select ListCommands.


Now click Run.

When the List Commands window opens choose either “Current menu or keyboard settings” or “All Word commands”. (I’ve made both of these lists. To be honest I’m not sure the exact difference. However, I did note that the All Word commands produced a much longer list.)


Then click OK.

You will be returned to your document and Word will create a table of your shortcuts.


The first column is the command name.

The second column (titled Modifiers) is the combination of Alt, Ctrl and Shift you will need to use with the key listed in the third column.

The last column is the menu where the command can be located in Word.

And that’s it.

You can save and / or print the document as a reference tool. Enjoy!

One last thought—for those of you who would be overwhelmed by such a long list—never fear, I’m positive you’ll still find smaller, more manageable lists included in this newsletter from time to time.

~ April