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The Useless Web

I’m so glad that I didn’t find this site till after my last semester was over. Graduation is this weekend, and I can guarantee  it would have been a harder path to get there if I had access to this amazing procrastination tool. 

The Useless Web is a curated collection of the most useless, yet wildly entertaining, site on the internet. 

To navigate the site all you have to do is press the pink Please button, and a useless website will open in a new tab. Don’t like that web page? Close the tab and click the Please button again to generate a new one. 

In the time I wasted there today, I was directed to  site where a guy got slapped in the face with an eel when you move the mouse cursor, a dancing dinosaur, a site where when you move your mouse cursor a trail of ducks appears, a site that simulates falling, and the passive aggressive password machine. They were all fairly hilarious but completely useless.

I hope you enjoy this random mix of time waster sites, go on, check em out!

http://www.theuselessweb.com/ [1]