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The Vanishing Word 2007 Form Controls

The Vanishing Word 2007 Form Controls

If you’re a creator of forms in the older versions of MS Word and you now use Word 2007, you may find yourself at a loss for your form controls.

I mean, where exactly do you find the tools you need to insert drop down lists and combo boxes?

I bet you’ve scoured the ribbon for them and maybe some of you have even given up. Well, before you write it off as “lost to the mysteries of Microsoft,” let’s take another look around.

Specifically, you need to look in the Word Options, which can be reached via the Office Button.

Once you’re into the Options dialogue window, you need the Popular section.

Check the option for “Show Developer tab in the ribbon.”

Click OK.

When you return, you’ll have an extra tab on the far right side of your ribbon.

When you navigate there, you’ll find a section for Controls and you’re back in business!

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