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The World of 100

This site takes on the challenge of depicting what different sets of statistics would look like for a population of only one hundred people, and then turned them into posters.

The site is easy to navigate, all you have to do is click on the poster you would like to see larger and be whisked away for a closer view.

I really love the perspective that looking at these statistics for a group of one hundred people can have.  From my life experience, I feel like I’ve been oversaturated with the idea that everyone should get a college education; then looking at the statistic for these posters, only one person would have that education in a group of one hundred.

The other one that really got me was the one for computers, I don’t think I could live without my computer. But in that same sampling only seven people would have a computer.

I find these posters thought provoking and I hope that you will too.  

http://www.toby-ng.com/graphic-design/the-world-of-100/ [1]